Lekić Amira
Lekić Amira

Executive producer

AMIRA LEKIĆ was born in Canada in 1975. She has gradated Political Sciences at Windsor University. Since 2007 she has been working for production company Deblokada.


2021 - A PERFECT LOVE STORY WHERE NOTHING GOES WRONG OR DOES IT...? - Feature film - (producer)

2014 - RESORT - Short film - (producer)

2012 - THE PLACE WE LEFT - Feature-lenght documentary film - (producer)

Other movies

2010 – THE LOVE OF BOOKS (executive); IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY (B&H production coordinator)

2009 – ON THE PATH (production coordinator and postproduction assistant director); MUSEUM OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS, short (production coordinator); LIBERATION IN 26 FRAMES, short (production coordinator); PINK RIVER, short (production coordinator); WOMAN IN PURPLE, short (production coordinator); WAITING, short (production coordinator)

2008 –STORM (B&H production coordinator); ŠTA OSTAJE, doc. (production manager)

2002 – DO YOU REMEMBER SARAJEVO, doc. (production assistant)