Kulenović Haris
Kulenović Haris

Screenwriter / Producer

HARIS KULENOVIĆ was born in 1951 in Sarajevo. He graduated Philosophy and Sociology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo in 1975. That same year he started working for TV Sarajevo, first as a reporter and later worked as an editor. He wrote script for award winning documentary series LJUDI OD MRAMORA, TV film VRIJEME DIVLJIH GOLUBOVA, and feature film ŽIVOT RADNIKA, etc. He is creator and editor of TV series of short documentaries "Mini Dok" at BHT1. 


2012 - BORIS WITH AN I - Short documentary film - (producer)

2000 - SURVIVED 'N' LIVED THROUGH ONE MORE DAY - Short documentary film - (producer, screenwriter)

1987 - A WORKER'S LIFE - Feature film - (screenwriter)

Other movies

2015 - VOICES OF SREBRENICA, doc. (co-producer)

2014 - 100 GODINA ATENTATA, doc. (co-producer)

2011 - PUNK AND ME, doc. (co-writer)

1987 - ŽIVOT RADNIKA (Screenwriter)

1986 - SAKSOFONISTA MORDO, doc. (screenwriter)