Grin Timka
Grin Timka

Casting director / Director assistant

TIMKA GRIN was born in Sarajevo in 1971. From 2000 to 2007 she has worked for Andre Maulraux Center as Assistant for Cinema and Photo Exhibition programs. Since 2007 she has been involved in film production.


2004 - RETURN - Short documentary film - (producer)

Other movies

2013 - WITH MOM (Casting; 2nd Assistant Director); INSIDE, short (1st Assistant Director)

2012 - CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO (Casting, 2nd Assistant Director); SOMETHING SWEET, short (Casting); ROUNDABOUT, short (Casting); DRUGI (KO LAV) (1st Assistant Director); ORPHEUS, short (Casting)

2011 - BAGGAGE, short (Casting); EDINA, short (Casting); SCENES WITH WOMEN, short (Casting); POSTHUMOUS, short (Casting); VENUTO AL MONDO (Casting); BOND 23 (Casting Assistant)

2010 - IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY (casting assistant); BELVEDERE (1st Assistant Director); DREAMS, short (1st Assistant Director)

2009 - AS IF I AM NOT THERE (Casting Director); CIRKUS COLUMBIA (Casting Assistant); SARAJEVO CITY OF FILM, short films (Casting Director, Production Coordinator); THE RUIN, short (1st Assistant Director); AN IDYLLIC DAY IN THE PROVINCE, short (1st Assistant Director); ON THE PATH (Production Manager)

2008 - NIGHT GUARDS (Production Manager)

2007 - LE SILENCE DE LORNA (3rd Assistant Director)