Gogić Daniela
Gogić Daniela


DANIELA GOGIĆ was born in 1972 in Sarajevo. She graduated directing from Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts. Since 1995 she has been SINEAST film Magazine correspondent. She was also collaborator of Obala Art Center and Sarajevo Film Festival (from 1996 until 1999). Since 1992 she had been working as director assistant on many short and feature films, TV films and series, documentary films and theater plays. She is currently finishing her postgraduate studies and master in drama and theater at Tuzla Academy of Drama Arts.

Other movies

2010 - JASMINA (Assistant Director); CIRKUS COLUMBIA (2nd Assistant Director)

2006 - NAFAKA (2nd Assistant Director)

2000 - ČUDAN PAZAR, short

1998 - A TRIP TO THE MOON, short (Assistant Director); KRAJ DOBA NEPRIJATNOSTI, short (Assistant Director)