Duraković Jasmin
Duraković Jasmin

Director / Screenwriter

JASMIN DURAKOVIĆ was born in Bugojno (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1966. His feature films have been screened at numerous international festivals (Sarajevo, Seattle, Raindance London, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Gothenburg, Instanbul, Hamburg, Prague, Lisbon, and many others). He won Best film Award "Gloden Banjamin" (2007) and the European Capitol of Culture Award (2010) at the Cine Pecs Festival for films NAFAKA and SEVDAH FOR KARIM. He is the author of award-winning theater plays "City of Dreams 2000" and "The Magnificent Years of Siege", and he also directed in the theater. He also works as film and TV producer. He was General Manager of the Public Broadcasting Service RTVFBiH in the period 2001-2008. He is founder of DEPO, one of the leading production and digital companies in BiH and the region.


2022 - GLORY OF EMPTINESS - Feature film - (producer, director, screenwriter), COLORS AND RHYTHMS OF TURMOIL - Feature-lenght documentary film - (producer)

2017 - THE FINAL BARRIER - Feature film - (director)

2013 - I AM FROM KRAJINA, THE LAND OF CHESTNUT - Feature film - (producer, director), SMOKE - Feature film - (producer)

2012 - BODY COMPLETE - Feature film - (producer)

2010 - SEVDAH FOR KARIM - Feature film - (director, screenwriter)

2006 - NAFAKA - Feature film - (director, screenwriter)

2005 - WELL TEMPERED CORPSES - Feature film - (producer)

2002 - 10 MINUTES - Short film - (producer)

1994 - WE DUG UNTILL THE MORNING - Feature-lenght documentary film - (director)

Other movies

2000 - MILLENIUM ĆEVAP, doc.


1993 / 1994 - WE DUG UNTILL THE MORNING, dokumentarni / doc.