Drljević Alen
Drljević Alen

Director / Screenwriter

ALEN DRLJEVIĆ was born in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2005. His graduation film PAYCHECK won the EFA/UIP Award at the 11th Sarajevo Film Festival and was nominated for the Best Short Film Award of the European Film Academy. His feature documentary CARNIVAL was screened at one of the most important Documentary film festivals IDFA in two selections: “First Appearance” and “Movies that Matter”. His first feature film MEN DON’T CRY  premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Competition Program, where it won two awards: Special Jury Award and Europa Cinemas Label Award. The film was screened at numerous film festivals, such as Herceg Novi, where cast of the film won Golden Mimosas for Best Actor. It was also screened at Sarajevo Film Festival, Manaki Brothers Film Festival and Festival of Slovenian Film, where it was awarded for the Best Minority Co-Production Film.  


2017 - MEN DON’T CRY - Feature film - (director, screenwriter)

2011 - LOADED - Short documentary film - (director, screenwriter)

2008 - SHOPPING - Short film - (director, screenwriter)

2007 - ESMA - Short documentary film - (director)

2006 - CARNIVAL - Feature-lenght documentary film - (director, screenwriter)

2005 - PAYCHECK - Short film - (director, screenwriter)

Other movies