Ahmetašević Edib
Ahmetašević Edib


EDIB AHMETAŠEVIĆ was born in Zagreb in 1971. He graduated camera at Academz of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, and presented his PhD. theses "Development of creative industry through creative politics and redefining the system of audio-visual works in Republic Croatia" at Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade.

Since 2008 he works as Artistic director of Days of cinema of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Zagreb. He works as cameraman for short, fiction, documentary and comercial films and for television.


2021 - CHILDREN OF CNN - Feature film - (cinematografpher)

Other movies

2015 - LOOKING FOR EUROPE (cameraman); I WAS NOT AFRAID TO DIE (cameraman); A GOOD WIFE (cameraman)

2014 - OUR EVERYDAY STORY (cameraman); NEWCOMER (cameraman); FOOTBALL, documentary (cameraman)

2013 - ITSI BITSI (cameraman); BRIDGES OF SARAJEVO, segments directed by Aida Begić and Ursula Meier (cameraman); TIGERS (cameraman); THE DIPLOMAT - RICHAR HOLBROOKE, documentary (cameraman); UNIVERSITZ OF ZAGREB, documentary (cameraman)

2012 - STRANGER (cameraman); HALIMA’S PATH (cameraman);  CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO (cameraman)

2011 -  BAGGAGE, short (cameraman); BOSNIAKS IN CROATIA, documentary (director, writer and director of photography)

2010 - DREAMS, short (cameraman)

2009 - SEVDAH FOR KARIM (cameraman); THE RUIN, short (cameraman); PINK RIVER, short (cameraman); WOMAN IN PURPLE, short (cameraman); SOME OTHER STORIES, omnibus - segment directed by Ines Tanović (cameraman)

2007 - SNOW (cameraman), GOOSE FEATHER (cameraman)

2005 - GO WEST (cameraman)

2004 - A WONDERFUL NIGHT IN SPLIT (cameraman)

2003 - THE DOCTOR OF CRAZINESS (cameraman); BELOW THE LINE (cameraman)

2001 - ALONE (cameraman)

2000 - ZAGONETNI ULOMAK, TV series (cameraman)

1997 - LOŠI ASPEKTI (cameraman); NAŠA KUĆICA, NAŠA SLOBODICA, TV series (cameraman)

1996 - U LAŽI SU DEPILIRANE NOGE (cameraman)

1995 - PROLJEĆE IVANA B. (cameraman); AUTOBIOGRAPHY, short (cameraman)

1994 - ALEX (cameraman); DROGA (cameraman)