Brčko distrikt

Geographical position

Brčko District is located on the right bank of the Sava River in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a self governing administrative unit as well as condominium under the dual sovereignty of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska. Brčko was the only part of the Dayton Peace Agreement left to be dealt with afterwards as 48% of territory of the former Brčko municipality, includingthe town of Brčko, was in the Republic of Srpska, while 52% was in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Arbitration agreement was not finalized before March 1999 when Brčko got the status of the District. Brčko District is located on the border with the Croatia and it is 20km away from the place where Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina border each other. It is almost equidistant from three big regional centers Belgrade (200km), Zagreb (270km) and Sarajevo (210km).

Area: 493.3km2


By the 2013 census, 93,028 people live in Brčko District.


The climate in Brčko District is moderate continental with high summer temperatures. The average annual temperature is around 11°C. July is the warmest month with around 21.4°C and January is the coldest one
with average temperature of 0.4°C.

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