Bosansko-podrinjski kanton

Geographical position

Bosnian Podrinje Canton is located in the south-eastern central part of the country, in the region of Upper Drina. The Cantonal seat and the cultural and geographic centre of the Canton is Goražde, populated by 30,000 people, situated on the banks of the River Drina in South East Bosnia. The town lies at the foot of the eastern slope of mountain Jahorina at a height of 345m above sea level.

Area: 504.6km2


By the data provided by Agency for Statistics 32,675 people are living in Bosnian Podrinje Canton, with 29,859 living in Goražde, and only 2,816 people living in the surrounding municipalities. Data per three consecutive years show small but constant decrease in number of inhabitants of this Canton.


Goražde, and Bosnian Podrinje Canton in general, is characterized by mild continental climate with short winters and long warm summers.

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