Banjalučka regija

Geographical position

Banja Luka, the second largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and capital of the Republic of Srpska is situated in the northwest of the country and swamped between lush green hills and a darting Vrbas river.

Area: 6,601.98km2


Preliminary results of 2013 census show that 441,115 citizens are living in Banja Luka with 50,000 more living in the wider area.


A continental climate, characterized by harsh winters, warm summers and strong winds from the north and northeast, is typical for Banja Luka. The average annual temperature is 9.5°C, with January (0.8°C avg.) being the coldest month of the year and July (21.3°C avg.) the warmest. Being the city in which it snows almost every winter and where southern winds bring hot weather in the summer, Banja Luka is praised for its beauty in all four seasons.

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