Filming Locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Filming Locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been an attractive spot for filmmaking. Part of its appeal was without a doubt related to his torical and current events such as the First World War or the Olympic games, but it has been also interesting for its natural and geographical potential. Nonetheless, in over a century of filmmaking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is a very first attempt in presenting at least part of its filming location potential.
We have decided to present four geographical regions where most of the filmmaking in the past ten years has taken part. The regions focused are centered around four cities: Banja Luka, Mostar, Goražde and Sarajevo.
The Banja Luka region also brings the surrounding of the city including the town of Jajce where six civilizations have crossed their paths. Mostar is featured as the center of Herzegovina, one of the most appealing filming destinations with towns such as Čapljina, Počitelj, Stolac, Trebinje, but also along with rivers and lakes and the coastal part of the Mediterranean part of the country. The region of Eastern Bosnia centered around Goražde has recently become attractive for filmmaking, as this part is famous for its Drina River, beautiful landscape and very fertile soil.
The historical and cultural center is Sarajevo with the most developed infrastructure. Its rich heritage has never been more inviting for filmmaking. The surrounding covered focuses more on the nature including Olympic mountains, mountain settlements and villages as well as the historical sites of the urban center of the city which includes the Ottoman part, the Austro-Hungarian quarter and also certain parts of the city which carry socio-realistic heritage.

The guide gives a different perspective at the country often seen as troubled place still coping with the consequences of war. This is just one side of our country, while the other faces are often neglected. We are bringing out the other side, the side ready for co-productions, ready for collaborations.n the past 10 years, 22 Bosnian feature films have been produced here. The number of coproductions has increased from 0 in 2001 to 4 in 2010. Bosnian films received over 120 awards from all over the world just for feature-length films, among them the most prominent ones such as: Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film, Cannes Film Festival Best Script Award (NO MAN’S LAND, 2002), Berlinale Golden Bear for Best Film (GRBAVICA, 2006), Cannes Film Festival Critic’s Week Grand Prix (SNOW, 2008). The number of documentary, short and animated films has increased for over 10 times just in the past decade. Therefore, B&H cinema is a very vibrant and very young cinema with a lot of potential.
Welcome to the world of filmmaking in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Why Bosnia and Herzegovina?

• Unspoiled natural locations including a wide range of natural sites from mountains to seaside
• Presence of all four seasons in all their beauty
• Reliable English-speaking work force
• War ruins which can be used as studios for war and post-war films
• Abandoned military locations (including bunkers and airports)
• Bosnia and Herzegovina signed EU Co-productions Treaty


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Filming Locations in
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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