First Circle of the Second Round of European Film Challenge is finished, and we are very happy to announce its winner – Aid Valjevac from Sarajevo. 

As in the previous year, award for the first winner of this year's Challenge is a trip to prestigious Berlinale Film Festival, that will be held from 20th of February till 1st of March 2020. 

This year we decided to add Mini Challenges, with smaller awards, to EFC and the winner of the Second Mini Challenge is Goran Dujaković from Banja Luka. Goran had the most Bosnian and Herzegovinian films on his #EuropeanFilmChallenge list and as an award he will get monography Hajrudin Krvavc.  

As a reminder, winner of the first Mini Challenge has been the overall winner of EFC, Aid Valjevac, who is already enjoying in his award - Cinema Meeting Point Friendship Card, that will provide him with the free entrance to the Cinema for the following year. 

Lots of good energy, fun and awards are both behind, and in front of us. In the following two rounds, participants will have an opportunity to win a trip to Cannes Film Festival or Venice Film Festival and several smaller awards through Mini Challenges. So, follow us on Facebook Page europeanfilmchallengeBIH and Instagram profile of Association of Filmmakers, as the next round of EFC is staring in February!

We want to congratulations all the winners, once again, we wish more luck to the other participants in the following circles and to all of you who are reading this article European Film Challenge Team wishes you Happy New Year and lots of great domestic, European and international films.