First part of European Film Challenge is finished! While we are waiting for the following circles that will take two lucky Bosnians and Herzegovinians to film festivals in Cannes and Venezia, we did a short interview with Krstina Majstorović, first winner from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, who is Krstina Majstorović?

I suppose I will tend to present better sides of my personality, but there will be lots of opportunities during my time in Berlin to prove or refute what I say… Krstina Majstorović chose chemistry as her field of work, but she makes sure to enrich her life by lots of different types of art like literature, film, theatre… Friendly by nature, she enjoys meeting new people, exchanging experiences as well as ideas and opinions. Of course, every now and then during those exchanges her temperament and stubbornness show themselves. 

Where does your love for film comes from? 

As teenagers, while we are trying to understand the world and our place in it, we turn to art, because it broadens our horizons. During the winters, in warmth of my home, I used to watch films with my friend and I developed critical thinking. 

Do you usually watch European films? Why? 

I watch almost all kinds of films, because in their own way, all of them have to tell us something new or to confirm something we knew from before. In my opinion, and I don’t know if it is the consequence of belonging to that area, European film seem to portrait events, people, their relationships and emotions in a more realistic way. It especially has to do with life stories that we got to witness, or we even went through them at one point. 

How did you find out about European Film Challenge?

I found out about European Film Challenge through the Facebook page of EU Info Centre. I saw their announcement and then I researched further on the internet.  

Did you ever go to Berlin Film Festival before? 

I went to touristic visits to Berlin, but I have never visited the Film Festival. I’m very happy I got the opportunity to be part of it and to feel the Festival atmosphere. That will be something completely new for me. 

Did you start your preparations for Berlin? Do you have some plans? Did you see the first program announcements? 

I started reading about Berlinale at the beginning of the Challenge, but now I focused on it a bit more. The number of off programs that accompany the film screenings are fascinating, so I’ll have to do a very serious selection. From the Competition part of the Berlinale Special, DER BODEN UNTERN DEN FÜΒEN seems very interesting.