After the screening in Competition Program, TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE by Ena Sendijarević, that premiered At Rotterdam Film Festival, will be screened in BH Film Program at 20:00. 

Story of Alma (Sara Luna Zorić), a girl on the brink of adulthood, who comes from Netherlands where she lives with her mother to visit her sick father, is in its essence a story of search for identity and need to connect with a space that seems to be miles away from her.

The search, characteristic for for the second generations of Bosnian and Herzegovinian imigrants, is shown in the rytham of the generation it describes. Alma’s cousin Emir (Ernad Prnjavorac) and his friend Denis (Lazar Dragojević) are wasting time lost in the hot summer days in Sarajevo without any need to move in any sense. Their lethargy at times even floods over Alma and film image changing the visuality of the film going from frames with the oposing characters to symethrical frames in which characters start mirroring each other. 

TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE is not only following all the curves on the paths from Netherlands, through Sarajevo to Podveležje, but it also follows emotional states that Alma goes through by stylisticly adapting itself to everything from boardom, to willingness, drunkness all the way to accepting the complicated web of identities she will have to live with for the rest of her life. 



Director and scriptwriter: Ena Sendijarevic

DOP: Emo Weemhoff 

Cast: Sara Luna Zorić, Lazar Dragojević, Ernad Prnjavorac, Sanja Burić, Jasna Ðuričić, Mario Knezović, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Ivana Vojinović

Editing: Lot Rossmark 

Music: Ella van der Woude 

Sound: Vincent Sinceretti 

Costum Design: Nedda Nagel, Hatidza Nuhic 

Set Design: Myrte Beltman 

Production: Pupkin in co-production with SCCA/ and VPRO