Well known team behind Kadar film from Široki Brijeg has a new documentary in BH Film this year. RADIO GANGA, directed by Zdenko Jurilj, follows Toma, host at Radio Grude who beside his job has a very interesting hobby - he is trying to record as many gangas as possible and save them for future generations. 

Funny and occasionally politicly incorrect Tomo embodies the absurdity of life in the stony part of our country in which he hosts his radio show. His listeners are mostly older people who are living by the old principles. They don't have money, but they eat some of the highest quality food in Europe. They are always complaining about something but live in specific kind of freedom. 

Director is not hiding the controversies stemming from Tomo's character. In the same way that Tomo knows that bad choice of the Hit of the Day might make problems for him in Imotski, where he's coming from, Jurilj knows that some of the things Tomo says could bother his audience. Still, he decides to let Tomo say whatever he wants openly knowing that this is the only way for the audience to understand him. 

For the funs of ganga, this documentary has one additional value - there are several authentic gangas performed by Tomo's listeners and friends. Visits to the village or retirement home are part of what he does. For those who are not such big funs of ganga this part of the story raises some important questions - what is our intangible heritage and what should we do to protect it even if it's not the type of artistic expression that we personally like.