Creating a strong presence for European films and their sales companies at Busan’s Asian Film Market (Oct. 14 – 17) has been one of EFP’s (European Film Promotion) major objectives since the market opened in 2003. In a concerted move, EFP not only grants FILM SALES SUPPORT (FSS) for the promotion and marketing of European films, but also organizes the prominent EUROPE! UMBRELLA at the Asian Film Market for 33 participating sales agents in collaboration with UniFrance.

Most of the companies participating in the EUROPE! UMBRELLA benefit from FSS for promotional campaigns of 37 films from 15 European countries. Amongst them are two Oscar­ entries, MEN DON’T CRY from Bosnia and Herzegovina, represented by Picture Tree International and the French film, BPM (BEATS PER MINUTE) represented by Playtime.

Film MEN DON’T CRY by Alen Drljević premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Competition Program, where it won two awards: Special Jury Award and Europa Cinemas Label Award. The film was screened at numerous film festivals, such as Herceg Novi, where cast of the film won Golden Mimosas for Best Actor. It was also screened at Sarajevo Film Festival, Manaki Brothers Film Festival and Festival of Slovenian Film, where it was awarded for the Best Minority Co-Production Film.  

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