Milan Senić, Sarajevo born fashion and costume designer, is the winner of the second round of European Film Challenge and at this moment he is packing for his trip to Cannes Film Festival, that started on 14thof May. Read what he thinks about our Challenge, what is he expecting from his trip to Cannes and follow our social media profiles to find out how he’ll spend his time in Cannes. 


Why did you decide to participate in European Film Challenge? How did you find out about it, at all?


I got an info about European Film Challenge through social medias, to be more concrete – through Facebook. Idea that you just have to watch the films and win a trip to prestigious film festival seamed ingenious to me. I decided to try even though I don’t have a lot of free time. Before the Challenge I was one of those people who wish to watch more films, but don’t have time for it. The Challenge helped me to re-establish a good habit of watching the films on regular bases. Once again, I came to the same conclusion: If you wish to do something, you’ll find the time; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. 


Did you have a habit of watching European films before? 


European film is my cup of tea. In search of interesting European films, I found out a lot of interesting authors and films. Until now, I preferred Spanish, Italian and French films. I was very pleased to discover Hungarian films that I haven’t watched until now. 


You are a fashion designer and you even work on film costumes from time to time, do you think that your trip to Cannes Film Festival could be useful, besides being pleasant? 


Cannes is famous as a film festival where fashion is a very important part of everything, so I believe it will be a special experience to see it all live. I’m sure it will be a very useful professional experience, too, as Cannes is very important both for film and fashion industry. 


How do you prepare for the trip? Did you see the program, do you have some ideas about how you’ll spend your time at Cannes? 


There is a bit of a “stage fright” present. For the first time in my life I’m travelling to such a big film festival. I’m gathering info, researching, preparing networking opportunities, trying to organise my time productively. Those are all sweet troubles! To do list is long and thee is not a lot of time. 


Do you have any advice for the participants of the third circle of European Film Challenge? 


Everybody who feels like joining in, should participate in the challenge. Only good things can come out of it. While participating in European Film Challenge, I found out that there are so many high-quality film screenings that are actually for free, including different series (weeks and/or weekends) of different national films. Watching the film in cinema is unreplaceable and incomparable. So, the only thing you have to invest so you could participate in the Challenge is: some will, determination and time.