Our respected member and one of the most important Bosnian and Herzegovinian directors Gojko Šipovac passed away 6 years ago, on this date. Gojko Šipovac was born in Nevesinje in 1926 and started working in cinema in 1953, when cinema of Bosnia and Herzegovina was just at its beginnings. During his lifetime he directed numerous short, documentary and feature films. His most significant works were short documentaries VODA / WATER from 1959, SVOJIM SNAGAMA from 1961, and NISTE KRIVI from 1962. He made his feature film debut together with famous director Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac in omnibusu VRTLOG / WHIRLPOOL from 1964 with his segment MOČVARA. After that her directed feature films SRETNI UMIRU DVAPUT / LUCKY ONES DIE TWICE from 1966, OPATICA I KOMESAR / THE NUN AND THE COMMANDER from 1968, and film SO / SALT from 1973. He also worked as assistant director on famous B&H films such as CRNI BISERI / THE BLACK PEARLS by Toma Janić and VALTER BRANI SARAJEVO / WALTERE, THE DEFENDER OF SARAJEVO by Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac. Gojko Šipovac has been a member of Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina for decades and in 2007 he was awarded with Ivica Matić Film Award for his life contribution to the cinema of Bosnia and Herzegovina.