The BiH candidate for the Academy Awards Foreign Language Film Category is Ines Tanović's THE SON, as decided by the Association of Filmmakers of BiH Committee consisted of director Srđan Vuletić, writer Elma Tataragić, writer Tina Šmalcelj, producer Zoran Galić, costume designer Lejla Hodžić, writer Asja Krsmanović, director Aida Begić, editor Predrag Solomun, director of photography Mustafa Mustafić and director Elmir Jukić.

Film THE SON premiered at 25th Sarajevo Film Festival. It is a story about Arman (18) was adopted as a baby by a couple who were unable to have children of their own. However, soon after, his adoptive mother gave birth to a son. Arman constantly battles the demons of his past while trying to protect his younger brother Dado, 14, from the challenges of life in present day Sarajevo which include drugs, weapons and the siren call of wars in the Middle East. The film tells the story of a family torn apart by internal tensions while struggling to survive in Bosnia. 

Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been in charge of the candidacy of films for Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the past 19 years. As a reminder, Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina nominated NO MAN’S LAND by Danis Tanović in 2001 and the film won the Oscar in March 2002. 

According to the rules of the AMPAS, producers of Bosnian and Herzegovinian feature length films that have been distributed in cinemas in Bosnia and Herzegovina between October 1st, 2018 and October 1st, 2019 for 7 consecutive days, have DCP or 35 mm print of the film and are predominantly made in the language of the country they are coming from could apply for the nomination. For more details about the rules for candidacy for this award please check: Oscar Awards are awarded by the American Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences AMPAS and are considered as the most prestigious awards in the film world, while the award ceremony is one of the shows with the highest ratings in the USA.