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Association of Filmmakers in B&H24.11.2016

Fourteenth Annual Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (BHFF) to be held April 13-15, 2017 At SVA Theatre in NYC

For more than a decade, the BHFF has helped promote the diversity and breadth of Bosnia-Herzegovinian stories, serving as a valuable link for members of the Bosnian diaspora in the New York City area to their heritage, while exposing a wider audience to Bosnian culture.

The BHFF call for entries is open until February 1, 2017. The festival is currently accepting feature, documentary, short and animated films that are either produced by Bosnian-Herzegovinian filmmakers or that feature themes about Bosnia-Herzegovina. Films honored by the festival in 2016 included Best Feature Narrative TIGERS by Danis Tanović, Best Documentary Film I CAN SPEAK by Mirza Skenderagić, Best Short Film DAMAGED GOODS by Nermin Hamzagić, and Golden Apple audience award-winner OUR EVERYDAY LIFE by Ines Tanović.

The festival has welcomed a wide array of guests and participants over the years, ranging from established filmmakers to up-and-coming directors. Here are some of their thoughts about the BHFF:

"This festival blew me away. It's a sophisticated, film-savvy crowd and the outpouring of support following the screening is something I'll never forget. It's events like these that matter, that can make a difference." – filmmaker Steve Nemsick, director of Much Ado in Mostar, screened at the BHFF in 2011.
"[BHFF is] a festival which may be small in size, but is certainly large in spirit. The most beautiful aspect of all of this is when a film is shown before a full theater, before a public consisting of people from our parts of the world, as well as Americans. It is absolutely beautiful to see how they all react in the same manner, recognizing true human emotion as well as the story's persuasiveness." – filmmaker Arsen Ostojić, director of Halima’s Path, screened at the BHFF in 2013.
"It’s an honor to be included in this incredible celebration of Balkan film and art." – Angelina Jolie, director of In the Land of Blood and Honey, screened at the BHFF in 2012.

The BHFF is a project of a nonprofit organization run entirely by an all-volunteer staff. Entries for the 2017 edition will be accepted until February 1.
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