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Association of Filmmakers in B&H


Association of Filmmakers in B&H22.08.2015

On the last day of BH. Film Programme you will have the opportunity to watch some more short and documentary films.

At 12:30 in Cinema 5 at Multiplex Cinema City you can watch:

- MARGARET by Lamia Šabić, 

- BEAUTY AND HER SMILE by Anja Kavić, 

- STORY OF ORIGIN by Bojan Josić and

- I CAN SPEAK by Mirza Skenderagić.

Come to the same Cinema at 16:45 and watch FLOTEL EUROPA. Documentary made by Vladimir Tomić, using VHS archive material shot by Bosnian refugees who lived on a giant ship in the port of Copenhagen between 1992 and1994, tells the story of the director’s growing up in an environment filled with echoes of war and other things that make up an adolescence. FLOTEL EUROPA premiered at Berlin Film Festival last February.

Because of the great interest of the audience one more screening of the documentary SOUL TRAIN by Nermin Hamzagić has been organized. If you haven't seen the film already, you will have an opportunity to see it today in Cinema 4 at 17:30. 

BH. Film Programme will be wraping up with RUSSIAN by Damir Ibrahimović at 21:00 in Cinema 4 at Multiplex Cinema City.

RUSSIAN is a story about a man who has been looking for love all his life and this quest lead him through a life full of excitement. From the boy whose father tortured him mentally and physically, he became a drug addict and thief; from a young man being treated at a clinic for Russian veterans of the Afghanistan war to the Russian millionaire, a man who decides about peoples fates. In the past few years he has lived in Sarajevo. He is barely surviving, and that brings him to meet the members of the Sarajevo underground where he is borrowing more money that he can ever give back. For the first time, he is hopeless and does not know how to deal with it.

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