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Association of Filmmakers in B&H20.08.2015

Second day of Student program focuses on the fiction films.

Short animated film DAY IN DAY OUT by Mario Ćulum deals with rituals that control our lives. Man comes to the cafe to drink his coffee and almost drowns in his cup. They same thing happens over and over again and all the people look the same and their fate is the same – it can be seen recognized in the time lost in cup of coffee.

Anja Kavić in her short film NO WORDS continues dealing with the same problem. People are drinking coffees unaware of the world surrounding them and other people's problems. Some of them are sad, the others hurt, some of them just want somebody to love them and the others are hustlers. The voice off screen is trying to explain to us internal lives of the others. Is it possible?

Amina Huseinčehajić, instead of using an off screen voice, is trying to show the internal life of her character by using only visual means. NORA, living in Sarajevo today, is watching straight into the camera. She wants to watch the world into the eye and she wants the world to look at her. The question remains: Are we able to understand?

Films shown in the Student program are different in form and style. Ana Stanarević chooses the different genre, too. Wanting to show the world we are living in from a different perspective she chooses to tell the story of OBILIĆI through the parody prism. The world we live in is absurd and the only thing certain is tragedy. 

Ilda Bisić talks about love in the BALCONY. Denis is determined to win over his neighbour across the street no mater how pointless his attempts may appear. Is that sometimes just what we need to fall in love? 

After NORA, you will have an opportunity to see one more literary adaptation – WOJZECK by George Büchner directed by Adi Selimović. Selimović sets his WOYZECK in claustrophobic basement, just like the ones the doomsday fanatics are hiding in. His world is controlled by the voice outside of the basement and television inside of it.

The last film in this slot is Esma Sarić's BIĆE ŠTA BUDE. Story of initiation of a young thief in the professional circles once again becomes a social problem film when thief is forced to look into the eyes of his potential victim. 

Even when they turn to the fiction film, students seem to stick with the social problems which bother them as well as the community as a whole. 

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