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Association of Filmmakers in B&H

About Film Fund

Film Fund was established by the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002 and since then the Fund has been operating within the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Federation of B&H with an aim to provide financial support for development of cinema in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Fund has to date supported over 150 B&H awarded films, among them exceptionally successful feature films such as FUSE by Pjer Žalica, SUMMER IN THE GOLDEN VALLEY by Srđan Vuletić, GRBAVICA by Jasmila Žbanić, SNOW by Aida Begić and CIRCUS COLUMBIA by Danis Tanović; as well as numerous local and international film festivals and events such as Sarajevo Film Festival and the co-production market CineLink, Mediterranean Film Festival, and the projects of Association of Filmmakers of B&H. The Film Fund is the only public body in B&H specialized in cinema and filmmaking, and it operates as an umbrella institution for this industrial and artistic branch.     

The Fund’s major objective is to ensure funds for stimulating, developing and improving creativity, entrepreneurship and production in filmmaking within  Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the domain of:

  • film production,
  • stimulating entrepreneurship in the field of filmmaking,
  • protecting, preserving and presenting archive and film material,
  • supporting the organization of film events,
  • stimulating authors, institutions and associations in the field of cinema,
  • preserving and improving cultural values in the field of cinema,
  • research and scientific projects related to cinema,
  • publishing activities in the field of cinema,
  • education and professional development of personnel in the field of cinema,
  • connecting, cooperating and exchanging information and experiences with similar associations outside Federation of B&H,
  • adjusting film production according to technological and organizational changes, as well as developing technical standards in the field of audiovisual media.

Specific objectives of the Fund are:

  • promoting aesthetic values in all cinema genres and disciplines,
  • supporting the continuity of recognized values of film production,
  • supporting the education of filmmakers, encouraging innovative approaches to the art of cinema and filmmaking.