Director: Jože Gale

Screenwriter: Meša Selimović

Cinematografpher: Ivan Marinček

Scenography: Džemo Ćesović

Music: Ruža Cvingl

Editor: Ruža Cvingl

Cast: Milorad Margetić, Ilija Džuvalekovski, Rade Marković, Stane Potokar, Tamara Miletić, Marija Crnobori, Milutin Jasnić, Tomo Kuruzović, Mihajlo Bata Paskaljević


Bosna film


After the World War II capitulation of the Italian government, a small group of Italian soldiers flees Sandžak, cross the Drina River and enter the Bosnian forest. Carried by a desire to reach home, they wander through the war-ravaged country discovering the truth about the war of which they were previously unaware. They come across a house where war widow Simka lives with her two small children. Jurini, who is a doctor, wins the widow’s trust and she allows him to start treating a woman by the name of Mira, a partisan fighter who was injured while trying to escape from the Italians. The most ruthless of the Italian soldiers, Franceschi, discovers the injured partisan and attempts to kill her, but he is prevented by Marko who has meanwhile fallen in love with Mira. During the two men’s struggle, Franceschi kills Marko, but he is in turn killed by other Italian soldiers who are revolted by his cruelty. After that, the best among the Italians find strength to join the fight for freedom by the people of a foreign land, while the rest of them remain faithful to their country’s criminal ideology.