Director: Vlatko Filipović

Screenwriter: Alija Isaković

Cinematografpher: Miroljub Dikosavljević

Scenography: Emir Čengić

Costume Designer: Ksenija Jericević

Music: Blanka Jelić

Editor: Blanka Jelić

Cast: Meto Jovaneski, Etela Pardo, Miralem Zupčević, Nada Đurevska, Radoš Bajić, Stevo Žigon, Zijah Sokolović, Jadranka Selec, Ante Vican, Vanja Drah, Boro Stjepanović


Sutjeska film


The film tells the story of a painter and university professor who strives to break the bonds of convention and destiny while coping with his early childhood traumas and trying to impart important life lessons to his students. His search for the real value in life puts him at odds with his university colleagues, but also with himself. In the end, he stays alone with his paintings, convinced that his art will outlive him and serve as a testament to his life.