Vuletić Srđan
Vuletić Srđan

Director / Screenwriter

SRĐAN VULETIĆ was born in Bijeljina in 1971. He graduated directing at Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts in 1995 where he now teaches screenwriting and directing. During the war Vuletić joined a hospital crew as medical technician, an experience that was later to inspire the film I BURNT LEGS (1993). He won the highest European Film Award - Felix for documentary films (1994), as part of a set of documentary films from Sarajevo called SA-LIFE. As a member of Sarajevo Group of Authors SaGA he directed films 8TH MARCH IN WAR and WAR CINEMA. In 1998 he directed two short films HOW PJER ŽALICA BLEW UP and TRIP TO THE MOON. His 2000 short film HOP, SKIP & JUMP won awards such as Berlin Film Festival (2000) – Panorama Short Film Award and Award for the Best Short Film of the New York Academy . He wrote the screenplay for the short film 10 MINUTES, directed by Ahmed Imamović, which won 2002 European Film Academy FELIX for the Best Short Film. In 2003 Vuletić completed his first feature film SUMMER IN THE GOLDEN VALLEY that won the Tiger Award at 2004 Rotterdam Film Festival.

of the New York Film Academy


2018 - THROUGH OUR EYES - Feature-lenght documentary film - (producer)

2017 - INVISIBLE - Short film - (screenwriter)

2013 - APOLLO: FIRST WAR CINEMA - Short documentary film - (cinematografpher)

2010 - AN IDYLLIC DAY IN THE PROVINCE - Short film - (screenwriter)

2007 - IT'S HARD TO BE NICE - Feature film - (director, screenwriter)

2005 - PAYCHECK - Short film - (producer), FRAME FOR THE PICTURE OF MY HOMELAND - Short film - (producer)

2003 - SUMMER IN THE GOLDEN VALLEY - Feature film - (director, screenwriter), 42 1/2 - Short film - (producer)

2002 - 10 MINUTES - Short film - (screenwriter)

2000 - HOP, SKIP AND JUMP - Short film - (director, screenwriter)

1998 - KAKO JE PUKAO PJER ŽALICA - Short film - (director, screenwriter), TRIP TO THE MOON - Short film - (director, screenwriter)

1995 - ELECTRICITY - Short documentary film - (director, screenwriter)

1994 - THE FIRST WAR CINEMA - Short documentary film - (director, screenwriter)

1993 - MARCH 8 - Short documentary film - (director, screenwriter), I BURNT LEGS - Short documentary film - (director, screenwriter), WHEN SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS PEOPLE DON'T WAKE UP - Short documentary film - (director, screenwriter)

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