Topić Tomislav
Topić Tomislav

Head of mediterranean film festival / Editor

TOMISLAV TOPIĆ was born in Široki Brijeg in 1975. After graduating from high school he moved to Zagreb (HR) where he worked as editor and director for Croatian Radio-television for 15 years. He founded Mediterranean Film Festival in 2000 and since then he is working as its director. Beside the Festival he organizes workshops and screening of unconventional films. He works as a director and editor on documentary and experimental films.


2015 - FROM THE BEGINNING, doc. (editor); 20 YEARS OF LIGHTS, doc. (editor); HERZEGOVINA, , doc. (editor); LOST BUTTON, , doc. (editor)

2014 - AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN MILITARY FORTS IN MOSTAR, doc. (editor); HOSPITAL INCOGNITO, doc. (editor); CURIOSITY, doc. (editor)

2013 - A STRANGER, (co-producer); PATIENT, doc. (editor)

2012 - IN EXPECTATION OF SIROCCO, , doc. (editor)

2011 - THE LITTLE GREEN RIDINGHOOD, animated (editor); 3 DAYS, , doc. (editor and producer)

2010 - NOUVELLES TENDANCES, doc. (editor); COVER PAGE POSTMAN, doc. (director and editor); THE OTHER SIDE OF ROCK'N'ROLL, doc. (editor)

2008 - 100%, doc. (editor)

2007 - RUDOLF STAINER – MODUS VIVENDI, doc. (editor); MY NEIGHBOR TANJA, , doc. (editor)

2003 - DREAM (DEATH OF VINYL), short experimental (director and editor)

2000 - ELLIPSE, short (director)