Štukan Feđa
Štukan Feđa


Feđa Štukan was born in Sarajevo in 1974. He studied in the class held by professors Aleksandar Jevđević and Mustafa Nadarević. He graduated Acting in 2011. He was awarded with Best actor award at the Krakow Film Festival for the role in feature film FIRE! by Pjer Žalica in 2014. Currently, he is part of ensemble of Chamber Theater '55 in Sarajevo.


2015 - SABINA K, feature (Jesus Christ); A PERFECT DAY, feature (Damir); CHILD 44, feature (Sergei) 

2014 - CROSSING LINES, TV series (Igor); TOP JE BIO VREO, feature (Mirsad)

2012 - MISSING, TV series (Gavril)

2011 - IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY, feature (Petar)

2010 - AS IF IM NOT THERE, feature (The Captain); NEKE DRUGE PRIČE, omnibus (Haris)

2009 - ZGARIŠTE, short (Middle-aged Man)

2008 - KINO LIKA, feature (Maća)

2007 - TEŠKO JE BITI FIN, feature (Haver)

2006 - NAFAKA, feature (Jimm O’Sullivan); WARCHILD, feature (Mechanic); PRVA PLATA, short

2004 - NEMA PROBLEMA, feature

2003 - GORI VATRA, feature (Adnan Sabljica)