Marić Snežana
Marić Snežana


SNEŽANA MARIĆ was born in Vienna (Austria) in  1980. She studied Film, Theater and Media Science in Vienna. She worked as industry consultant at numerous film festivals, such as Sarajevo Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Zagreb Film Festival, Belgrade International Film Festival (FEST), etc. Since 2004 she has been working as international relations officer and developing executive in Refresh Production Sarajevo.

Other movies

2011 - ORCHESTRA (production department); CHICKEN, short (producer)

2009 - UNCLE JOVO ROCKS, doc. (producer)

2008 - BUICK RIVERA (production department)

2007 - IT’S HARD TO BE NICE (production department); STILL ME, doc. (producer)

2006 - ARMIN (production department)

2005 - KARAULA (production department)

2004 - DAYS AND HOURS (production department)