Makarević Timur
Makarević Timur

Director / Editor

TIMUR MAKAREVIĆ was born in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1976. From 1996. he has been working for SCCA – Center for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo. Short film WHAT DO I KNOW, co-directed with Šejla Kamerić, was selected in 2007 Venice Film Festival official selection, and was awarded at festivals in Zagreb (Croatia) and Adana (Turkey). His short film WAKE won Special Award at 2008 Sarajevo Film Festival.


2012 - YOURS AND OURS, doc. (Director); YUGONOSTALGIA, doc. (Director); NGO / NVO, doc. (Editor); INSIDE, short (Cinematographer and Editor)

2011 - POSTHUMOUS, short (Editor)

2010 - GLUCK, short (Editor)

2009 - ANYONE, doc. (Director)

2008 - WAKE, short (Director); NIGHTGUARDS (Editor)

2007 - WHAT DO I KNOW, short (Director); INTERROGATION, doc. (Editor)

2003 - 724659831, short (Director)

2001 - 4775f, short (Director)

2000 - MODERN BOSNIA, doc. (Director)

1997 - BESPAMETI, short (Director)