Graho Lejla
Graho Lejla

Costume designer

LEJLA GRAHO was born in 1981 in Sarajevo. She graduated from Product/Industrial design at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as costume designer and the assistant of costume designer on many films ( THE ABANDONED, HUNTING PARTY, THE ALIVE AND THE DEAD...) and she also worked as costume designer on TV series.


2017 - THE FROG (Costume Designer)

2016 - JUST ANOTHER DAY, short (Costume Designer)

2013 - WITH MOM (Costume Designer); STRANGER (Assistant Costume Designer)

2012 - CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO (Assistant Costume Designer); ORPHEUS, short (Costume Designer); STOLEN HAPPINESS, short(Costume Designer); MOST (Assistant Costume Designer)

2011 - LUPUS, short (Costume Designer)

2010 - IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY (Costume Designer Assistant for B&H and Set Supervisor)

2009 - MOTHER, short; THE ABANDONED (Assistant Costume Designer)

2008 - BUICK RIVIERA (Costume Designer)

2007 - THE HUNTING PARTY (Assistant Costume Designer); THE LIVING AND THE DEAD (Assistant Costume Designer)

2006 - MUM 'N' DAD (Costume Designer)

2005 - PAYCHECK, short (Assistant Costume Designer)