Džeba Sanja
Džeba Sanja

Costume and set designer

SANJA DŽEBA completed her studies in painting and set design at the Belgrade School of Applied Arts in 1981. She has been a member of the B&H Association for Applied Arts since 1981 and a member of the B&H Filmmakers' Association since 1989. In 1982 she received the 6th April award for Best Set Design and Best Interior Design. In 1986, she won a set design scholarship from the French Government (1986-1987). She worked for the Paris Opera and Theatre 95, Jacque Lecoq International School (Movement and Space Laboratory). Džeba currently lives in Sarajevo and works as a Set Designer and Costume Designer on films and in theater, and as a stylist as well.


2012 – CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO (costume designer); OBRANA I ZAŠTITA (costume designer); AKUMULATOR, short (costume designer)

2011 – 1395 WITHOT RED (costume designer)

2010 – GLUCK, short (costume designer)

2008 – SNOW (costume designer); ČUVARI NOĆI / NIGHTGUARDS (costume and set designer)

2007 – WHAT DO I KNOW, short (costume and set designer)

1996 – PERFECT CIRCLE (costume designer)

1992 – RUŽINA OSVETA (costume designer)

1991 – GIZELA, DRVO I DJEČACI, short (costume and set designer)

1990 – MOŽDA SVE POČINJE IZ CRVENOG, short (costume and set designer)

1989 – KUDUZ (costume designer)

1988 – STANICA OBIČNIH VOZOVA (costume designer)

1986 – OVO MALO DUŠE (costume designer)