Đikoli Amel
Đikoli Amel


AMEL ĐIKOLI was born in Sarajevo in 1984. He is completing his studies at Sarajevo Fine Arts Academy. He is working as director of photography for students film of Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts. He has been working as Director of Photography, camera assistant and focus-puller since 2006.


2012 – ORPHEUS, short (Director of Photography); GRANNY THE MANIAC, short (Director of Photography)

2011 – BODILY FUNCTION, short (Director of Photography)

2010 - 1395 DAYS WITHOUT RED (videoasist); THE LOVE OF BOOKS (camera assistant); MAGNET, doc. (cameraman); SARAJEVO CITY OF FILM, shorts (camera assistant); DREAMS, short (second camera assistant); ZAJEDNO ZA ŽIVOT, doc. (camera assistant); JASMINA (focus-puller); ON THE PATH (D.O.P. Assistant)

2009 - HOW ILIJA LADIN TOUGHT GERMAN, short (focus-puller); SEVDAH FOR KARIM,  (second camera assistant); AN IDYLLIC DAY IN THE PROVINCE, short (focus-puller); ORCHESTRA, doc. (focus-puller)

2008 - STORM, (3rd camera assistant); SILENCE, doc., (cameraman); SHOPPING, short (2nd camera assistant); NIGHT GUARDS (3rd camera assistant);

2006 - INTERROGATION, doc., (camera assistant)